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Telephone: (954) 467-8920
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Chip Edmonds:
Direct Dial/Fax: (954) 951-2719
Mobile: (954) 444-2109 (after 5pm and weekends)

Bob Edewaard:
Direct Dial/Fax: (954) 634-5718
Mobile: (954) 931-6644 (after 5pm and weekends)


Richard Mazzulo

Direct Dial/Fax: (954) 467-8920 Ext 326

Bob Edewaard

Direct Dial/Fax (954) 634-5718



Angelo Tineo

Direct Dial/Fax (954) 699-0722



Art Smith:
Direct Dial/Fax: (954) 406-9957

Direct Dial/Fax: (954) 951-2726

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Chris Evans, Service Manager

Direct Dial/Fax: (954) 363- 9286

Mobile: (954) 412- 9071 (after 5 pm and weekends)


Chris Evans, Service Manager

Direct Dial/Fax (954) 363- 9286

Mobile (954) 412- 9071 (after 5 pm and weekends)

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Watermakers, Inc. is an industry leader in designing, building, and installing custom and out-of-the-box desalination reverse osmosis watermaker systems. With over 40 years of experience, Watermakers, Inc. has provided high-quality watermakers for marine, commercial, agriculture, and other industries.

Their cutting-edge technology ensures that each watermaker is designed with precision and expertise to meet each client’s unique requirements. Watermakers, Inc. offers a range of systems with varying production capacities, so they can provide a system that meets the needs of any size operation. No matter the size, each system is built to last, making Watermakers, Inc. a reliable and trusted source for watermakers.

The desalination reverse osmosis process offers a long-term and sustainable solution for industries facing water scarcity. The process removes salt and other impurities from water, turning seawater, brackish water, or contaminated water into clean, fresh water safe for drinking, cooking, crops, and other uses. This technology benefits marine operations, where access to potable water is limited. A watermaker from Watermakers, Inc. ensures that marine vessels have a consistent supply of clean water, allowing for more extended expeditions and increased comfort for those on board.

Commercial and agricultural operations also benefit from using a watermaker. When access to freshwater is scarce, it can become a significant obstacle to production. Watermakers, Inc. can provide custom systems that help businesses overcome this challenge. Their reliable and efficient systems can produce large amounts of clean water, enabling continuous production without external freshwater sources. This leads to increased productivity and profitability for businesses that rely on freshwater.

Watermakers, Inc. is committed to providing high-quality, reliable watermakers that meet each client’s unique needs. Our experts works closely with clients to develop customized systems that maximize efficiency and reliability. With a solid reputation and a commitment to innovation, Watermakers, Inc. is a trusted source for desalination reverse osmosis watermakers.