Fresh Water Washdown Fresh Plus 2000

Fresh Water Washdown
Fresh Plus 2000 The Fresh Connection for dock water

Designed to purify your dock water for wash-downs, cutting exterior cleaning time in half!

The Fresh Connection is the perfect solution for keeping your dock water clean and cutting exterior cleaning time in half. With its efficient purification process, this system is designed to make washing down boats, equipment, and surfaces a breeze. This system has been engineered without any proprietary parts, giving you the freedom to purchase consumables wherever possible.

This system simplifies the installation process and makes it easier to operate and service as needed. Its powerful design uses state-of-the-art filtration methods that cut exterior cleaning time in half. It eliminates the need for manual scrubbing or costly pressure washers while providing a thorough wash down of your boat and dock waters. With The Fresh Connection, you’re sure to get clean water fast!


Sample application of where this watermaker may be used.

• 5-10 Ppm Tds So No Spotting After Washing
• Simple Touchscreen Operation/monitoring
• Programmable For Timed Operation
• Touchscreen Reminder Prompts
• Grab-ring Style Compression Fittings
• Rubber Shock Mounts Reduce Noise Level
• No Hopper Tank Necessary To Run With A Seawater Watermaker

Standard Features Include:

• Industrial ODP Motors
• PLC Touch-Screen Interface
• Dual Salinity Monitor (concentrate/permeate)
• Safety Cut-Offs
• High-Flow Standard Filter Housings
• Precision Flow Meters and Gauges
• Installation Kit Included
• No Proprietary Parts

Standard Features Include:

• Remineralizing Filter

Electrical Specs:
110-120 Vac/200-240 Vac
7.2-7.6 Amps/3.6-3.7 Amps 60 Hz
8.0-9.1 Amps/4.0-4.6 Amps 50 Hz

Flow Rates:
1.4 Gpm/5.3 Lpm
2,000 Gpd/7,570 Lpd

Tds Level: 5 – 10 Ppm
Membrane Life Expectancy: 2,000 Hours
Pre-filter Life Expectancy: 200 Hours
Depending On Source Water