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At Watermakers, Inc., we specialize in providing reliable and dependable marine watermakers for boats, yachts and commercial vessels of all sizes. Our experienced professionals have been delivering high-quality reverse osmosis marine watermakers for nearly 40 years, ensuring our customers enjoy clean and fresh water on board their vessels. We strive to offer easy-to-operate desalinization systems with components designed to withstand the harsh conditions encountered at sea. All our boat and yacht watermaker systems are built with superior quality materials and are engineered without any proprietary parts allowing you complete freedom in purchasing consumables from anywhere in the world.

Our marine watermakers are perfect for those looking for an advanced, reliable, and easy-to-use watermaker system for their boat, yacht, or cruise ship. Our team of experienced engineers has been helping boat builders create customized desalinization systems that meet their needs since 1984. With years of experience in the industry, we are proud to offer some of the most innovative and efficient watermaker solutions available today. From large-scale commercial projects to smaller recreational boats, our marine watermakers are the solution that can fit your specific requirements.

Featured Marine Product

Fresh Water Washdown Fresh Plus 2000

The Fresh Water Washdown Fresh Plus 2000 is here to revolutionize how you care for your boat! This system has been designed to make washdowns and exterior cleaning more effortless than ever before. It is engineered without any proprietary parts, allowing you to purchase consumables wherever convenient.

Capable of withstanding even the most demanding jobs on land and sea, this system is made to last with simple installation, operation, and servicing. Not only does the Fresh Plus 2000 eliminate the hassle of purchasing parts from multiple places, but it also cuts exterior cleaning time in half! Allowing you to spend more time enjoying that beautiful home on the dock.

Our Fresh Water Washdown Fresh Plus 2000 system purifies your water as it passes through its filtration system. This removes all unwanted dirt, debris, contaminants, and microorganisms from your dock water supply. This advanced process not only makes your dock water cleaner and healthier but also prevents future clogs caused by the accumulation of debris over time.

What’s more, fresh water washdown doesn’t require any extra energy or power sources like other systems do, meaning it remains cost-effective throughout its service. With no additional energy costs or hazardous chemicals used in its purification process, this eco-friendly solution benefits you and the environment!

Fresh Water Washdown Fresh Plus 2000 machine. White machine with gauges and a small screen.